5 Ways On How To Tell If A Guy Just Wants Sex

I was out the other day at the mall watching couples walking by holding hands looking cheerful wondering if what they have is really love or just sex. 
People date for different reasons.
Some want a deep passionate love that is considerate and thoughtful. 
While some others have different motives, mostly looking to get in that bedroom and smash *eye roll
It occurred to me, how can you tell the difference?
I've done some research and come across some of the best signs to spot when a man is only with you for sex. 
1. He Only Talks About Your Looks
It's good to feel great about how you present yourself, but having a serious relationship requires more than that. 
Being complimented on only your looks shows exactly that, hes only interested in your looks. 
He's not paying attention to other things you have within you.
Men who are serious about you will notice how fun, intelligent and/or how funny you are. 
If you find yourself only getting compliments about your superficial self, ask him what else he likes about you. 
Weed out the f*ck boys who only want sex, and find the right man who sees the real you. 
2. Communication Always Turns Sexual
You can tell what a man's interest is from his communication. 
Players only have a sexual interest and will try to turn any conversation into sex.
Pay attention to what he says. 
Does he ask about your day, how you're feeling or how work is. 
Control the tone of the conversation the next time he tries to get sexual. 
See if he actually has any interest in anything else you do. 
3. The Only Memories He Has Of You Are Sexual
When was the last time he actually remembers a time where you both laughed on a day out?
Or does he only remember himself getting off? 
You've spent so much time together and all he remembers is the bedroom. 
This is a no brainer. 
His mind is totally fixed on boning you. 
If his only memories of you two together in a relationship is sex, then that man needs to understand his priorities.
See if he remembers any dates you went on.
Or anniversaries you have together. 
Test his intentions to see if he really wants you, for you! 
4. The Dates Lack Depth
Men who only want sex will plan lame dates with you. 
There's no spark or effort into impressing you. 
His idea of a good date is always pizza at home, then sex.
Talk about selfish zzz
He is not really into you if the intention of getting to know you is not there. 
When you date a man who loves you, he will take things more seriously. 
You want a man who wants to impress you and make deep meaningful events. 
Not some broke ass "pizza at his house" date.  
5. He Gets Mad When There's No Sex
Ahhh this one can be typical. 
You just finished a nice dinner date with your man. 
Now He's walking you to your door and asks to come in. 
You deny him because you're tired and have work in the morning. 
Suddenly the mood changes and he starts getting mad. 
Talk about childish!
A real man wants to be around you just to be in your company. 
A sign of anger over no sex is a red flag.
It means his mind was fixed on that exact moment, the sex.
He wanted nothing else than to get into that bedroom and smash. 
If he really is falling for you, then he would be satisfied with making you smile and relaxed. 
Even though you might usually have sex, hes content that you are okay and ejoyed a night out. 
Don't let yourself be fooled by men who only want sex. 
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