7 Positive Stories And Developments Related To Coronavirus

In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it comes as no shock that the world is in a state of panic at this point. Many people have been forced into the confines of their own home due to social distancing and this has led many others’ lives to be saved in the process. Governments from various countries have urged their citizens to stay safe and move out of harm’s way by keeping themselves locked in-doors. However, in the dreariest of times, the world has a way to give us a sense of hope and safety. While we all sit locked up in our homes away from each other, there are some incredible things happening all around the world. Stay tuned to see some of the most positive Coronavirus developments that will warm your heart even in this age of darkness.

  • China Has Reported 0 Domestic Coronavirus Cases Since The Beginning Of The Outbreak

On the 19th of March, reports came from China indicating that they have had no domestic transmissions of the Coronavirus since the outbreak devastated the cities of Wuhan, Beijing and more. The 34 infections that were diagnosed on that day were those of foreign travelers and not mainland Chinese people. This is a major development for the country as they had all been placed on lockdown since the 23rd of January. Hopefully, this will be a sign for the rest of the world to take active measures and avoid the faith of countries like Italy and the USA (1).

  • Air Pollution And Carbon Emission Levels Are Making A Drastic Drop

Ever since governments put travel restrictions into place, there has been a drastic drop in gas emissions and other pollutants that cause the Earth to warm up. The encouragement of self-quarantine has caused many offices to request their employees to work from home and avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary. This has reduced the number of personal vehicles on roads as well.

  • The Canals Of Venice Are No Longer Murky And Polluted

Ever since the Coronavirus landed on the shores of Italy, their travel industry has gone into a state of standstill. Due to the lockdown, the residents of Venice are staying indoors and avoiding going out into the open. Many local residents have reported seeing clear water after years of pollution turned their water murky. This shows that the world is slowly fixing itself in the wake of the viral outbreak.

  • Vaccine Trials Are Slowly Underway

On the 14th of March, the first human was injected with a vaccine in the US. Researchers have started to begin human volunteer trials in order to speed up the process of finding a solution for this pandemic. However, officials state that it will take at least a year to a year and a half for researchers to fully test and develop a vaccine. There will be quite a few legal issues governments will have to overcome in order to produce a vaccine at a global level. They will have to take into account any side effects that might be associated with the vaccine, etc, before they decide to deploy it (2).

  • It’s Connecting People In The Most Unique Ways

Many videos have surfaced online of Italians and other people in self-isolation and quarantine taking to their balconies to sing, play instruments and spread cheer during this dire time. Although their country is coping with the worst death rate since the beginning of the viral outbreak, it is incredible to see them united and trying their best to spread positive vibes.

  • Certain Drugs Are Showing Promising Results

Favipiravir is a drug that was developed in Japan and used as a way to treat new strains of influenza. Authorities in China have claimed that the drug appears to be an effective way of treating those suffering from symptoms related to the Coronavirus. Those who were treated with this drug made a much faster recovery and were declared as negative quicker than the average median days it takes to recover without treatment. However, this drug seems to be ineffective in cases that are considered too severe (3).

Many Organizations Have Stepped Up To Improve The Situation Many employers are putting the safety of their employees above all and permitting work from homes. This is a much-needed move during a time like this and people are much safer in the comfort of their own homes than in a public place. While there are some professions that cannot be done from home, there are others that can still be done this way. The safest thing to do in order to protect the health of our doctors, policemen and more is to stay indoors at all times and practice social distancing as much as possible (4).
Although things might seem quite bleak at this point in time, it is important to remember that not everything is negative and that there are still some positives to look forward to. We hope that this article cheered you up and made you feel hopeful about things to come. Which of these stories made you feel the most hopeful? Comment below and let us know.
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