A Woman Takes Off Her Bra For a While, a Few Weeks Later, She Can't Believe How Her Breasts Have Changed !

You wake up, go in the bathroom, and start thinking what to wear today. But, first of all, you put on your bra.

Then later in the day, you just can’t wait to come home and take it off. Can you imagine a day go by, without wearing a bra in public?

Squeezing your breasts in a bra, is much more unhealthy, scientists have proven in their latest researches of the 21st century.

If you are able and willing to ditch your bra for a month, here’s what’s going to happen to your body:

First of all, you’ll definitely feel better, because you won’t feel like something is constantly squeezing you and make you uncomfortable and tightened. Isn’t this the sole purpose and goal of not wearing a bra?

You’ll have a healthier bust, because your blood flow will improve now that there’s nothing to squeeze you. Your pectoral muscles will finally get to achieve their purpose, without any addition of the bra – your posture will improve as well! And you will finally be able to take a deep breath without pain in your chest.

You’ll save up money – bras these days achieved to have some ridiculous prices. If you don’t go to a Chinese shop, or buy a bra with a poor, synthetic or plastic material, you’ll need to spend at least 50bucks to buy a descent, breathable cotton bra.

Your breasts will actually get a better shape – not squeezing and modeling them will let them “be who they are” – and that’s not necessarily a bad shape, as you might have thought.

Blood circulation will improve, because nothing will be there to stop it! Tight and elastic materials make marks on your skin, and below the skin, that results in induced blood circulation and tight arteries and veins.

Your sleep will also improve due to improved blood circulation. All of the tightened muscles will be released. A study even showed results that women sleep worse than men – could that possibly be because of the bra?

Your breasts will actually increase cup-size! If you ditch the bra for about a month and try it back on, you will notice something incredible – your bra got smaller, or your breasts got bigger? This is due to using your chest muscles more, and muscle increases tissue and size.

Be bald and try this experiment. If you’re a freelancer or a housewife, try this ASAP. Than come back and tell us in a comment what exactly happened in your case.
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