The 5 Types of Vagina and how they affect Sexual Relationships

Each person is different. This sentence does not only apply to psychological and behavioral characteristics, but we can also use it to talk about our anatomy. We all have peculiarities and traits that distinguish us and make us unique, and sexual organs are no less.
We may be more used to talking about penises, their size, their shapes and the different types that we can find, but did you know that there are also different types of vulva? The different forms and characteristics in the intimate region of women not only have aesthetic relevance, but depending on their distribution may make them more prone to some infections or feel more pleasure during relationships. But in the end, all bodies are equally beautiful and the differences are not relevant. We will talk about the 5 types of vagina and how they affect sexual relationships.

Vagina or vulva?

Before we begin to explain the different types of vagina, it seems important to point out that in reality, the terms and words are very often confused with this area of ​​female anatomy. Many people use the word vagina to refer generally to the woman's intimate parts. The reality is that this is not quite accurate, so we should use other terms.
  • The vulva is the word that must be used to talk about the external genitalia or the visible parts of the female sexual organs. When we refer to the vulva we are talking about the mount of venus, the labia majora and minor, the clitoris, the orifice of the urethra, the vestibule and the vaginal orifice.
  • The vagina, on the other hand, is a tube of elastic muscles that goes from the cervix to the external genitalia, ending in the vaginal orifice. Usually, the depth of a vagina ranges between 5 and 7 centimeters in width and between 5 and 8 in length, although the elastic fabric that forms it can make that it expands much more. Thus, although in this article we can use vagina as a synonym for vulva, since it is a term that has become popular, the reality is that they are dealing with two different things.

The olympic flame

The olympic flame type of vagina gets its name from the shape that its outline draws. Women with this type of vagina have a bigger sized cap that covers the clitoris, i.e.the area of the vulva where the smaller lips are found, are of a larger size than usual. This cover or cap, which is called the clitoral foreskin, works in the female anatomy as the male prepuce does with the glans; it is designed to protect the clitoris.
The larger size of this mucous fold can bring some differences at a sexual level, because depending on the size of the clitoral foreskin, the clitoris may be more or less hidden. It should be noted that this does not pose any problem to maintain pleasurable relationships, simply that it will possibly be necessary to stimulate it more and better so that it blooms to the surface.
The 5 Types of Vagina and how they affect Sexual Relationships - The olympic flame

The curtain

The characteristic feature of this type of vulva is the size and shape of the labia minora. They are very long, so they hang down as if they were the ruffles of a long skirt. There is no problem when it comes to practicing any sexual position, pleasure is not increased or decreased, it is simply a physical trait that has no more importance.
It is important to note that the vagina, like any other part of the body, can be changed by the passage of years, the use of it and the conditions of each woman. That is why the curtain is more common in older women, when muscle tone is lost and labia minora tend to fall.
The 5 Types of Vagina and how they affect Sexual Relationships - The curtain

Conch type

The name of this type of vagina is also pretty self-explanatory, because the truth is that the conch type, like this crustacean, protrudes out. The main feature of this type of vagina is the clitoris, which is larger than the usual size, bulges, so it protrudes between the genital region and does not pose many problems to be found. In this case, it is possible that the woman may see some benefit on a sexual level. The fact is that when the clitoris is exposed, any movement, rubbing or palpation in the area can greatly stimulate the woman and make her arouse more easily.
The 5 Types of Vagina and how they affect Sexual Relationships - Conch type

The closed eye

This vagina is one of the most common, especially among young girls. This vulva has narrower lower lips, so it remains closed. It has no particularly striking features, but is fairly uniform instead. It may be thought that the fact that it is narrower can make sex more complicated, especially with large penises. The truth is that outside of excessively large penises there is not only no problem for the penetration, as there is pressure on the vaginal walls, contact will be greater and the pleasure for both higher.
The 5 Types of Vagina and how they affect Sexual Relationships - The closed eye

Butterfly type

This type of vagina is named after a very explanatory comparison. The lower lips of women with butterfly vulva are large and wide open. These are large like those of the curtain, but do not fall but fold up to open like a flower. Contrary to what it might seem, accessing the clitoris is somewhat more complicated than in other vaginas, but if it is stimulated correctly there is no problem for it to show.
In this case we repeat again that, in general, the shape of the genitals does not influence the sexual performance and the pleasure that derives from it. The importance, as always, is knowing knowing and stimulating the body to excite yourself and your partner.
The 5 Types of Vagina and how they affect Sexual Relationships - Butterfly type

Other types

You may have heard about other names or descriptions of types of vagina, though they generally refer to the way the pelvic bone affects the place of the vulva and labia majora.
For example, you may find that some types of vulva start further down and have bulky labia majora. These are known as puff vagina, as it starts right after the pubic bone, pushing it down, though the labia minora are carefully tucked in, as is the case of the closed eye.
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