What Happens To Your Body If You Press This Point For 2 Minutes!

Every day we hear about toxins in your body and about detoxifying the body. Especially in the cold season, when we consume more fatty foods and fewer fruits and vegetables, the body accumulates more toxins, and the liver is increasingly required to help eliminate them. What happens to your body if you press this point for 2 minutes!

Some people use different medicines, treatments or diets to detoxify the body. You can also try a simple remedy. Below you will find what you need to do.

 Taking medication over longer periods may be harmful to the body. Therefore, specialists always recommend using natural methods that don’t have unpleasant side effects.

Acupressure is an ancient art of healing affections by pressing with fingers (in a special way) on certain key points that stimulate the self-healing abilities of the body. These lines are through the body and by applying pressure on them, you can remove the blockage from these lines. This helps improve the flow of qi or chi and stimulates the immune system.

This is a form of touch therapy (massage) based on the combination of acupuncture principles and other branches of Chinese medicine.During acupressure, some nerve endings are activated. Unlike acupuncture that is done using needles, acupressure is painless and is done by massage.

 One of these pressure points of great importance in the body is called Tai Chong or LV-3. Applying the pressure or massaging this pressure point every day for 2 minutes eliminates a wide variety of health problems.

Among them are:

  •     rhinorrhoea, dizziness and headache
  •     swollen, red and painful eyes or blurred vision
  •     vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and constipation
  •     anxiety, irritability and insomnia.
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