What is the difference between an orgasm and ejaculation

In male sexual pleasure, there are many who think that the climax, the maximum amount of enjoyment, relates directly to ejaculation. And although in most cases men certainly experience an orgasm simultaneously with ejaculation, this is not necessarily the case, because there are some differences between the two concepts.
Curious? Well at This Blog we'll tell you what the difference between an orgasm and ejaculation is, so you can increase pleasure in intimate moments and improve your sexual encounters.
Steps to follow:
An orgasm means the climax of sexual pleasure, which occurs after receiving adequate stimulation. An orgasm includes a muscle contraction of the genitals andan increased respiratory rate, accompanied by an intense feeling of pleasure throughout your body.
Typically, men having an orgasm also expel seminal fluid, a process known as ejaculation. This comes with the culmination of the sexual act and relaxing of the genital area, causing blood to leave the penis and an end of the erection while the whole body relaxes.
Clearly these are two different processes that usually occur together, so there is widespread confusion in believing a man has reached orgasm when he ejaculates. But the surprising truth is that this is not always the case.
It is possible to ejaculate without feeling all the pleasure that causes an orgasm, just as you can have an orgasm without ejaculating. The latter is a common practice in tantric sex.
Although the idea of multiple orgasms is usually associated with women, it is also possible for men to experience several orgasms before ejaculating. However this requires concentration and in most cases a lot of previous work to control the body and mind without sacrificing the feeling of pleasure.
A sexologist, or even someone who uses tantric sex, can advise any man who wants to try this experience.
In cases where the man has a retrograde ejaculation, in which no seminal fluid is ejected through the orifice of the urethra, it is entirely possible to achieve an orgasm without any ejaculation.
Moreover you can ejaculate without feeling the maximum pleasure you experience when you orgasm.
A common case that serves as proof for this is when, due to stimulation, the man feels like ejaculating but tries to stop ejaculation with thoughts that are not erotic. However ejaculation occurs anyway, but since he was not completely focused on the situation and sexual stimulation, the feeling of orgasm and pleasure were much less intense.
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