Signs That Warn You That Your Body Needs Help

 Our bodies have a way of warning us if something is wrong. Even when the problems can be neurological in nature, the human body will manifest symptoms physically. Although our bodies have the ability to communicate perfectly well what is happening, we do not always have the good criteria to listen to the signals it gives us.

This Things of not listening to our body is really very bad, particularly if we take into account that the signals you send us are much more accurate when you really need help. The human body has an immense amount of parts and functions, therefore, it is no surprise that from time to time some parts have problems. When this happens, our bodies communicate it in a very specific way, with physical manifestations. Here are 7 important signs that your body is asking for help.

Increase in the desire to eat sweets of all kinds

Our diets play a vital role when it comes to our body and mind operating properly. A sudden increase in the desire to consume sweets means that your body asks you to make a healthy change in your diet, because it does not get all the necessary nutrients so it asks for sweets for instant energy. When you make healthy changes in your diet, cravings will decrease.

Increased desire to eat salty food
Salt is a mineral that the human body really needs to function. If you have a lot of physical activity, you need more salt than a sedentary person, to compensate for the amount of salts you lose during physical activity. An increased desire to eat salty things indicates that your body needs more minerals.

Persistent dry skin

The degree of dryness of the skin can vary from mild to severe, the truth is that having dry skin is always uncomfortable and will make you look older ahead of time. If your problem of dry skin persists despite wetting it regularly, it could mean that you need to increase your consumption of foods with vitamin E, present in foods such as fish, nuts and healthy oils.

Cramps or insomnia

If you are suffering from cramps with certain frequency or you see yourself going around and around in bed, without being able to fall asleep, even spending sleepless nights, it could be a sign that you lack magnesium and potassium. Magnesium is an inhibitor of neuronal activity, and potassium is an important nutrient for the brain, muscles and the heart. Try to eat green vegetables, nuts, almonds and bananas to counteract these symptoms.

Gums bleeding easily

When your mouth or gums bleed easily, and for no apparent reason, the reason is typically linked to a lack of vitamin C. It may also indicate that you need to pay more attention to your oral hygiene.

Fragility in nails and hair

This signal is similar to having persistently dry skin, because both conditions indicate a vitamin deficiency. Low levels of vitamin B or E, or calcium can cause some areas to dry, flake or even break. Eat more foods with calcium and whole grains.

Increase in the desire to consume Seafood

There are two possible reasons why your body has a craving to consume Seafood. It is due either to the lack of nutrients and minerals or on the other hand it is due to the lack of iodine.

It may also happen that your body is in need of more protein and sea food are a healthy option.

Taking these signs into account you can prevent more severe conditions that would degrade your health and therefore your quality of life. Pay attention to the signals that your organism gives you, learn to listen to it and your self of the future will undoubtedly thank you.
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